We’re an elite and innovative team of experts pushing the limits of digital handwriting capabilities. Our passion is to create the greatest user experience as our stellar ratings and industry acclaim will attest.

For example, our latest app, INKredible has been chosen by Apple to be highlighted on its retail-store, demo-units to showcase the iPad’s handwriting capabilities.

Taken at Apple Retail Store in Orange County

We love challenges. We enjoy making things considered impossible, possible. We keep pushing the limits, everyday.

As a result of our innovation, we were granted a patent on our vector-graphic inking engine (US 9189695 B2) in December 2015. We also have a pending patent on our heuristic algorithm for palm rejection.

Our handwriting apps have been loved by millions of users since 2010, the dawn of the tablet era. Get them to experience the best handwriting on tablets.

Notes Plus from the App Store


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